TeX Software by Herb Schulz

AppleKeys.zip2016-09-01 15:25Package with images of several of the Apple Key Symbols.
CommandCompletion.zip2016-09-01 15:25Original Command Completion files. Historical only. Not needed for TeXShop 2.30 and later.
CommandCompletionTables.pdf.zip2016-09-01 15:25Tables of the default Command Completion Abbreviations supplied with TeXShop. These also exist in the full documentation.
CourierS.zip2016-09-01 15:25A package that supplies a scalable courier font. Based on the helvet package for Helvetica. (Part of TeX Live.)
DeleteAuxFilesMacros.plist.zip2017-05-15 10:55Two versions of the Delete Auxiliary Files Macros updated by Michael Sharpe (with a small change by me) that delete most (e.g., not .pdf, .bbl, etc.) and all types of auxiliary files.
Droplatexdiff.zip2016-09-01 15:25A Drop Script to create a TeX file showing the differences between two versions of a file. Embeds the latexdiff utility.
DropPgn2Ltx.zip2016-09-01 15:25A Drop Script to convert .pgn (chess notion) files into .tex files using the skak chess package. Embeds the pgn2ltx program.
DropTeXcount.zip2017-09-20 20:06Drop Scripts that produce an html document, displayed in your default browser, containing statistics about your .tex file. Version 0.3 now uses the texcount script that's part of recent TeX-Live Distributions.
Eps-Tiff-Conversion2017.pdf.zip2017-04-29 16:16For MacTeX (TeX Live) 2017 and later. A document describing the changes to eps & tiff conversion, etc., using pdflatex. All references to using `convert' have been removed since MacTeX-2014 and later no longer install that software. There are changes to the texmf.cnf file for 2017 when that method is used instead of `--shell-escape'.
Eps-Tiff-Conversion2019.pdf.zip2019-03-03 15:34For MacTeX (TeX Live) 2019. A document describing the changes to eps & tiff conversion, etc., using pdflatex. All references to using `convert' have been removed since MacTeX-2014 and later no longer install that software. There are changes to the texmf.cnf file for 2019 when that method is used instead of `--shell-escape'.
Eps-Tiff-Conversion2020.pdf.zip2019-12-03 13:28For December's updates to the epstopdf package for MacTeX (TeX Live) 2019 and later. A document describing the changes to eps & tiff conversion, etc., using pdflatex. There are changes to the texmf.cnf file for 2019 when that method is used instead of `--shell-escape' as well as an update to the construction of the epstopdf.cfg file for automatic conversion of .tif(f) to .png files.
FileEncodingTeXShop.pdf.zip2018-06-11 11:02Latest version of `A Beginner's Guide to File Encoding & TeXShop'. Updated for TeXShop 4.00 and later.
GhostscriptTransparencyEngines.zip2020-09-16 13:52Recent versions of Ghostscript need an extra argument to enable transparency for pstricks and processing by latex->dvips->ps2pdf. Enclosed are two engines (latexTR.engine and latexTRmk.engine) and a special rc file for the latter engine. Instructions of where to place the three files are enclosed.
InstallingCocoAspell.pdf.zip2018-04-03 16:40There may be a problem doing a first time installation of the dictionaries supplied with cocoAspell. This document describes a method to complete the dictionary installation and then be able to use cocoAspell's Spelling Preference Pane in System Preferences.
KeyBindings.zip2016-09-01 15:25Information and sample document for binding unused OS X text framework methods to keystrokes.
Latexmk470bTeXShop.zip2020-12-14 17:20Implementation of latexmk 4.70b for TeXShop. All files necessary to update to latexmk 4.70b from a previous version; includes latexmk 4.70b. Only the latexmk Perl Program itself has been updated. Engines allow a project configuration file called platexmkrc in the same directory as the project root file. The updated engine files that use TeXShop's `parameter' declaration from the 4.54 distribution are included.
NewPdftricks.zip2020-10-09 15:08Edited version of the pdftricks package that does a better job of creating a BoundingBox and adds other features. Added a version that has a fix for transparency with Ghostscript versions >9.50.
OpenSelection.plist.zip2018-10-10 09:27A TeXShop macro for quickly opening files that are referenced in \include, \input, \usepackage, \documentclass, etc., commands. Added \addbibresource to the list (used by the biblatex package).
QLColorCode.qlgenerator.zip2016-09-01 15:25A Quicklook generator to be ONLY used with TeXShop 3.14 (and later). After unzipping place the file in ~/Library/QuickLook and re-boot your system.
Quick Start Guide for Command Completion with TeXShop.pdf.zip2016-12-27 11:53A Quick Start Guide for using Command Completion in TeXShop.
Quick Start Guide for latexmk with TeXShop.pdf.zip2016-09-01 15:25A Quick Start Guide for using the latexmk engines in TeXShop.
Sage&Latexmk.zip2020-06-18 10:14Instructions for installing the SageMath application and a platexmkrc for use with TeXShop's (pdf/xe/lua)latexmk engines.
SierraAndcocoAspell.zip2016-11-16 07:39NOTE: cocoAspell 2.5 now installs and works properly under El Capitan and later so this Macro is no longer needed to use aspell. This is a TeXShop Macro (and configuration file) that uses the underlying aspell program.
TeXLive2017+Changes.pdf.zip2017-09-07 10:24Contains information about two important changes that are contained in TeX Live 2017 and later. If you download this file you should probably also download the `Eps-Tiff-Conversion2017+.pdf.zip' document. Uses `updmap-user` rather than `updmap` for updating map files for fonts in your personal tree.
TeXLive2019Changes.pdf.zip2019-03-03 15:34Contains information about an important change that is contained in TeX Live 2019. If you download this file you should probably also download the `Eps-Tiff-Conversion2019.pdf.zip' document.
TeXShop latexmk and advanced glossaries package use.zip2021-01-02 13:43Configuration file for using advanced glossaries features with TeXShop's latexmk engines. Includes installation instructions and a project configuration file to restore compatibility with the (deprecated) glossary package.
TeXShop2.30+.zip2016-09-01 15:25Just a file that states that TeXShop 2.30 and later has Command Completion built-in.
TeXShopExcaliburMacro.zip2016-09-01 15:25A TeXShop Macro to run the Excalibur LaTeX-aware Spell Checker by Michael Sharpe (with minor changes by Herb Schulz).
TeXShopFeatureConfusion.pdf.zip2016-09-01 15:25A short document about the differences between three features of TeXShop; Key Bindings (at one time called Auto-Completion), Macros and Command Completion.
TeXShopSyntaxColors.zip2018-09-27 10:06Scripts with documentation for changing the colors used in TeXShop's Syntax Coloring. Of course there is a script to return to the defaults if you don't like my color scheme. Also contains Color Themes and instructions for use with TeXShop 4.08 and later.
TeXShopTips-0.8.pdf.zip2018-09-09 16:46Latest version of TeXShop Tips and Tricks. Additional information on setting the Default Dictionary for Spell Checking and use of the Console window. Information about Syntax Coloring with TeXShop 4.08 and later.
Tidy.service.zip2016-09-01 15:25The Tidy Service will prettify any selected text in a (La)TeX file. Place in ~/Library/Services, log out and back in and then make it active by checking the box in System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts under Services. Tidy will then show up under the Services sub-menu in the Contextual Menu.
Tif(f) to Png.zip2016-09-01 15:25A Drop Script for converting (multiple or folders containing) .tif(f) files to .png for use with pdflatex.
UpdatedLatexmkEngines+.zip2018-01-31 12:14Updated `latexmk' based engines for TeXShop (3.77 and later). These engines use TeXShop's `parameter' directive and pass the information as command line options (e.g., --shell-escape) to the underlying typesetting engines ((pdf/lua/xe)latex). Included are sample `platexmkrc' files to see how they can be used for special processing.
UpdatedPdftricksmkAndPst-pdfmkEngines.zip2020-10-02 12:17The rarely used latexmk based engines for TeXShop dealing with the pdftricks and pst-pdf packages needed updating for recnt versions of Ghostscript. Simply place the enclosed files in the directed folders in ~/Library/TeXShop.
Updating For El Capitan.pdf.zip2016-09-01 15:25After installing MacTeX-2015 GUI applications should be reconfigured to continue to work under OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). This document describes what needs to be done to configure the GUI applications supplied by MacTeX. Note: The applications will continue to run under previous OS versions. There is a final section of the document if you don't intend to install MacTeX-2015 but will be updating to El Capitan.

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